Selecting Your Archery Sights Wisely

It’s a smart idea to be able to shoot a bow and know where the arrow should end up. You can greatly increase your aim and skill by using good bow sights. These principles apply to both traditional shooters and compound shooters, but I’m focusing on compound bows right now. There are several different types of sights and many of them have several features. It’s not necessary to use all the features in a sight, but it’s nice to have them there just in case.

An easy to use sight is one that takes little thought or effort to shoot accurately, and is designed so you use it effectively in the field. Most quality archery sight systems use allen wrench tools for adjustment and are very easy to set up. Once sighted in they allow you to shoot quickly and accurately.

One of the next things to think about when buying archery stabilizers is their length. You should choose their length based on your height. It will be difficult for you to handle your bow if you buy archery stabilizers that are too long. It’s best to buy longer stabilizers if you are only target shooting. If you’re hunting with your bow, then you will likely want to choose shorter designs.

To make an best bow sights, the first step is to establish the natural curve of the wood – every piece of wood has one, although some may be easier to distinguish than others. This is extremely important as carving it on the wrong side would cause the bow to snap upon first use. Next, whittle the wood into a boomerang-like shape, meaning the ends of the stick should be slightly smaller than the middle. For example, if the middle is one inch thick, then the two ends should be close to 3/4 of an inch. To assure that your bow lasts long, tightly wrap a wet strip of leather around the center of the bow and allow it to dry naturally. This gives the bow an added durability and propels arrows at a greater speed.

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Serious and professional archers know how important the maintenance of their bows is. If you have ever been told to make sure that you tighten the arms of your bow gently so that you don’t break your bow, then you probably know what a hassle it is to press your bow. However, with a good archery press, you can spend more time practicing and less time in the shop.

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