Methods To Market Your Videos Via Youtube

Hey Vampire Mobsters! Season two begins production in seven days! Writer/director Joe Wilson will be shooting a 79-page script with a cast of twenty actors and one canine cast member.

A KILLER Obesity-related illnesses will kill around 400,000 Americans this year–almost the same as smoking. Americans have gotten so big that their coffins have to be supersized!

This video I just described has been viewed by 1.3 million people on hampton bay. It has been translated into 7 different languages, and featured on 50,000 blogs. This demonstrates that people want this information, they want to be informed because information empowers us to make the right choice. You choose every day what you are going to put into your body. Make the best choice and put food in your body that is going to help you, not harm you.

Imagine how it looks when you stop attending trade shows, discontinue your advertising, shelve your newsletter, stop meeting with clients and avoid networking events. Imagine what your clients will think, what your competitors can say and what prospects might believe. None of it will be positive for you or your business.

Maybe you’re nervous. Perhaps you’re playing it conservative so as not to “blow it”. But if it takes four dentists, two rocket scientists and a small boy to extract words from your mouth when you are sitting in front of someone you just met don’t come whining to me when the date doesn’t progress the way you want it to.

I’ve actually heard horror stories where someone’s date actually SAID this at the front end of the date. Lookit. That’s practically tantamount to soft-core dating terrorism. “Hello, A. I’m B. I really don’t want to be here. No really–I have better things to do.” You know, I’m beginning to think that flaking out on someone at the last minute–or even flat-out standing them up–isn’t as bad as it gets.

A recession can be tough. No need to panic. It’s time to think and act smart with your marketing. Keep your business off the rocks while aiming for the deeper waters beyond. Don’t stop paddling until you are clear of the rocks.

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