Love Qoutes – Back To The Future

Long ago if you wanted to profess your love for someone you wrote them a love letter. You poured out your heart and soul, sent it by mail and waited for a reply. Now, technology has made it possible for you to send off a message of love by email and text.

You must have come cross the above one liners funny earlier also, but as many times you come across these liners they will make you laugh like never before. If you have a love life or you don’t have one, you can make use of these Love quotes to. If your girlfriend or boyfriend is upset with you on something, or you guys had a fight on some issue, than you can make use of these Love Status in Hindi to solve the problems or issue between you or to express your love to the special one. Of course, romance is not a seasonal thing. The arrows of love can strike any time, anywhere to anyone and you of course cannot wait for a holiday to express your feelings. So, it’s better to go online and find some love quotes for the same.

The flowers symbolizes the love one has for the other. It has been the practice since ancient times to offer flowers. It also symbolizes peace. The flowers can be delivered in any part of the world and it will come to you fresh and all the flowers are all of hybrid types.

Varying between hot and cold can also help you to get your man to think of you all the time. Don’t be erratically unpredictable but never make him feel that he has ‘figured you out’.

Smile. The only way to earn friends, positive outlook, and show a happy disposition in your life is to smile more often. Although it is inevitable to cry at the first two weeks of the break-up, one should learn how to give deadlines in mourning and depression.

Good quote may be the best answer you can give to a question. Often we are faced with questions for which we do not have the answer. Knowing some good quotes and sayings may provide you with the answer whether it be a counsel, negotiation, answer to an accusation or chit chat. By answering with a known quote, you’ll be giving impression of a knowledgeable person.

In the same way you can find the quotes on different subjects or issues, like quotes one liner as discussed earlier, one liners, blog out love if you want to express your love to the loved one, teasing quotes to tease someone, quotes on love as given above.

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