Halloween Costume Ideas – Joker In The Dark Knight Costume

The Dark Knight is perhaps one of the best comic book movies of all time, and also the most financially successful one to. Heath Ledger’s performance as the joker is the main theme of this movie. Ledger disappeared into this role and made the 70 year old character his own.

Based on the exciting game, this comes out on January 1st. If you’re not aware of the game well now movie here’s the lowdown, it’s about the origin of the eternal war between the Belmont clan and Count Dracula.

Hemsworth also starred in the movie “The Cabin in the Woods.” It’s a satirical horror flick that was released in 2012 and produced by Joss Whedon. After shooting finished and largely through Joss Whedon’s insistence and cajoling, Hemsworth auditioned for and landed the role of Thor.

Laughing is one of the most overlooked habits that can provide great mental benefits. You don’t always have to be so serious. Take some time every day to lighten your mood by reading some jokes or walking dead. You will be surprised how a good laugh can turn your entire day around.

First of all, exercise must become a part of your daily routine. It only takes 30-40 minutes per day to make a huge difference in health. You are probably thinking you don’t have time as it is. I listen to my self improvement courses while working out everyday so I can knock two things out at once.

This movie is two times better than the original Batman. The actors were great in this movie. I couldn’t even take my eyes from it from the start, and I used to never care for superhero movies! The main scene that stood out in this movie is the one at the start of the movie with Ledger robbing the bank.

Jelly Nuts : A Juggalo is someone who is truly free, in the real sense ofthe word. They don’t give a BLANK what people think, they don’t give a BLANK what people tell them to do, they don’t give a BLANK what anyone else is doing… the only thing they are interested in is getting BLANKin’ live and living life to the fullest. Many of us fall short from that perfect ideal, myself included, but we all at least try to live up to it,and I would say that makes us all Juggalos!

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