Acoustic Beginner Guitar

Go into any music shop or type ‘learn piano’ into the search box of any online bookstore and you’ll see that there are literally thousands of titles offering piano lessons for beginners. Piano lessons in book form have been around for centuries. But do they work?

Aside from the violin, another string instrument commonly used is none other than the guitar. You should play it as often as possible. That’s one of the basic tips to maintain its good condition apart from taking good care of its strings, keeping it in tune, storing it in a safe and sturdy case and having a regular check-up (at least once a year) with a professional.

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Choosing a new (or first) guitar depends on many things, such as where it’s going to be played (in the house, or in a club?), what kind of volume and sound quality you’ll need etc. Choosing your first guitar can be a difficult task.

Electric guitars are arguably easier to play than acoustics because their strings are softer and easier to press down. This suits the needs of a beginner because after a few days your fingers WILL hurt. For this reason, to minimise this, I recommend an electric guitar.

A great deal of new guitarists want to learn the instrument so they can play some flavour of rock. They want to emulate their heroes in the big arenas and play the classic rock anthems (or in fact new rock anthems, as the genre seems to be making a welcomed come-back). And that’s great – more people really should learn an instrument…

Don’t put in stuff like ‘work waiting’ or ‘no time wasters please’. You can judge those sort of things yourself when an interested musician contacts you.

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