What’s The Right Boat For You?

Proper storage and proper protection of your personal watercraft is a good start but Seadoos need regular maintenance as well. Before putting your machine away for the winter you should give your PWC a once over. It is best to fix any problems in the fall before you pull out your Seadoo cover and say good bye for the winter.

Boating- During the summer you can rent either canoes or pedal boats from 10 a.m. to 5:30 pm. You can also use the public boat launch in the park to put in watercraft aftermarket oem gaskets. However cars must be out of the parking lot at the close of business. They do lock the gates at night.

Our service department is open during normal business hours. We do anything from light services to engine rebuilds. Call ahead for appointment and scheduling. Standard shop rate is $88.00 an hour.

Before the end of 1994, Filo and Yang’s web site had received over one million hits. Looking for a catchier name for their now popular web site, the pair changed the name in April of 1994 to “Yahoo!”. Filo and Yang liked the word’s general definition, which came from an imaginary race of people in the classic novel “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift. These characters called “Yahoo” embodied many negative traits such as being rude, uncouth and unsophisticated. The founders thought this term best fit their new form of search engine, since it was so unconventional when compared to other search engines of the early 1990’s. On January 18, 1994 the domain name yahoo.com was official.

Cleanliness is a simple but prime factor in jet ski and jet ski trailer maintenance. It’s advisable to wash down your jet ski or any other PWC after use, before placement on a trailer. The trailer requires hosing down after each launch, and before each reloading of your watercraft. Any dirt, grime, and salt will run-off from your sea doo and trailer with these washings. This prevents corrosive effects on the paint and parts of this equipment.

Take a spin on one of Disney’s waterways. With 850 acres of lakes, 130 feet of shoreline, 66 miles of canals, and over 500 watercraft, boating is a major pastime at Walt Disney World. Most resorts as well as Downtown Disney have their own marina with a variety of boats available for hire including Boston Whaler Montauks, pontoon boats, sailboats, Sea Raycers, even a luxury yacht.

Power boats are the most popular. The designs of power boats are as varied as their uses. Boats with seating in the front are called bow riders, mainly used for towing skiers or rafts. Most boats can also be used for fishing. If you want to do both, there are ski and fish combinations available.

If potential buyers think in their mind that they can haggle you down to a lower price, chances are you will increase the likelihood of getting the sale clinched.

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