What Does Domestic Violence Look Like?

If you’ve ever been in a long term relationship, you know that there are some rough times. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that you’ve had some relationship problems over the years.

People who suffer from mental illness think that they are a burden to society. Fact. The suicide rate amongst teenagers – the most vulnerable group – is growing. Fact. Social grants are on the increase as well due to a decrease in family values, growing up as orphans or having a single parent, poverty, unemployment, depression and stress. The list goes on. Rape, women and law, battered woman syndrome and the stigmatisation of mental illness is never-ending.

March 4 – Concord, N.C. – Sarah Bethany Gallaher and Terrance Albert Tipton were arrested at 7725 Sossamon Lane and charged with Possession of Schedule VI.

The team struggles during the pre-season, but finally wins the final exhibition game, and then, amazingly, they win their season opener on a wing and a prayer. Good stuff, right?

Well, maybe. Maybe not. The rest of the script hasn’t been written yet, and the story that will unfold this season won’t be good for the Broncos if the drama portion continues to overshadow the football portion.

Clara Bow, with her heart shaped face, cupid-bow lips and flaming red hair was the original “it Girl.” There is no real definition for “It Girl,” but everyone knows it when they see it. Reportedly, Clara Bow bestowed her “It Girl” status on a young starlet named Marilyn Monroe. Since Marilyn Monroe, a blond bombshell of Hollywood, died, there have been other “It Girls.” “It Girl” status has been bestowed on the young party girls who come and go through Hollywood, such as Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Bad news sells, good news doesn’t. So the newspapers, television and (increasingly) internet news channels will major on bad news. And violence is part and parcel of that.

September 27-29 – The Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts brings the 2013 Baltimore Book Festival to life. Three days of readings, signings and other book-related activities for all ages.

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