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You might find this very interesting… I did! Who owns the media? That’s to say newspapers, radio, TV, those who give us the news supposedly from an independent point of view?

Here’s the plan: clinics need to be placed in retail stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Wal-Green’s, Costco and others. In addition most towns have emergency drop-in clinics. The clinics are not hospitals, but are staffed by professional doctors and nurses. So if someone should happen to use a Wal-Mart clinic, they may get their prescriptions there and maybe buy some food or other items? So? This is why Wal-Mart is the number one retailer in the country.

The other thing with senior travel is, by that time of life your finances are usually in the best shape of your life, and you can finally afford that trip to Rome you have always dreamed of. But going to a foreign country can be a bit intimidating at any age, but especially as a senior. I mean, you know way before you hit this age that you could no longer outrun a mugger or run down the thief that stole your wallet/purse. Not to mention the fact that you can’t really hear the policeman that is speaking to you in your own language, let alone one you don’t know.

Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Annika Sorenstam, Sergio Garcia, Se Ri Pak, Arnold Palmer, Jim Thorpe, Chris Di Marco, Mark O’Meara, Scott Hoch, Nick Faldo, John Cook, Stuart Appleby, Charles Howell III and dozens of others have planted their roots in Central Florida. There is a reason for that, beyond tax implications.

CLOVERFIELD – Cloverfield was a monster movie that almost felt like a What’s on universal Studio Singapore park ride with its shaky cam effects. The acting in Cloverfield, however, made it more than just a “gimmick” movie. I liked it.3. THE SIGNAL – This science fiction movie falls into the horror genre as well. The Signal involves the world going mad with violence as a mysterious signal sounds off and turns people against each other. The movie is divided up into sections that show how the events are playing out for different groups of people. This movie is more of a “thinker’ movie than a lot of the genre pictures churned out and I recommend it for a viewing.

In fact I use that myself a lot when I’m at a park to get more information. Riding all the rides at theme parks is tough work, but I do it all for you, my readers! So look for those if you have just one kid who wants to go on a ride, or maybe split up and let the kids go on different rides, or of course if your by yourself.

You can go to each theme parks website and find out the ride height requirements for every single ride in each park. Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World all have rides that range from the 34 inch tall to 54 inch tall requirements. So check them out before you go so you don’t have a very upset child on your hands!

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