Social Media Marketing – The 5 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies Ever

5) Gap / Groupon – This may not be considered one of the best social media campaigns ever by most, but I believe that Gap had the right idea and they succeeded. Gap offered a $50 gift card for $25 as a nationwide offering on Groupon. That alone brought in $11 million revenue and is probably one of the most successful Groupon campaigns ever. Their goal was to bring in new customers and they believe that they’ve succeeded initially. They will only really know their level of success by card redemption’s and surveying those who use them to see about repeat business.

Your public (personal) address should be used for public trusted sources, such as: on forums, discussion boards which you frequent. You should use this address only on sites which you trust and visit on a day-to-day or occasional basis. Your public address should be used for sign-up forms (only sites you want information from). Your public address should also be used to subscribe to newsletters which you initiate. Your public (personal) email address should be your most commonly used email address for basic day-to-day communication. This is the email address you should share with family, friends, and co-workers.

Now we need to adjust some properties with the email account you just created. To start go to the page with all the accounts listed. Highlight the one you just made by clicking on it. Once highlighted click the “Properties” button.

If sites about them contain testimonials, contact some of the people providing the testimonial… especially if something doesn’t quite “feel right.” That’s right… I’m advising you to trust your instincts.

How to Win: In order to enter to win this swag, comment with a Burn Notice or Miami related haiku. In order to comment, you will have to sign in with your Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, or hotmail email login. If you win, I will be reaching out to you via whatever avenue you chose to comment with, so if you comment with your Yahoo email account, I will email you if you won.

Apart form the obvious checking to see if their photo appeals to you, there are other things to look out for. See if there is a number of photo’s in different situations, maybe with friends on holiday etc. The more the better, this will help you to know that the person is real (safety is critical) and gives you an idea of their life style. One photo is concerning because it might not be the person your replying to. If you are interested in this person ask for more photo’s to be sent to your ‘dating only free hotmail account’. It’s not difficult to get a digital photo, cameras are everywhere, even in phones. If he or she refuses then walk away.

11. Next click on the “Advanced” tab on the top. Once there make sure the secure connection boxes are checked. Also with Outgoing Mail make sure there’s a 25 in that box and with the Incoming Mail make sure 995 is in that box.

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Social Media Marketing – The 5 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies Ever

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