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The Varsity Theatre is located at the corner of University Avenue and Coyne Street near the University of Hawaii (UH) campus. It opened in 1939 and is a one of the few reminders of an era that has passed.

This may not seem like a magical encounter to many folks. In fact, a few years ago it wouldn’t have seemed like a magical encounter to me either. But when I changed my mindset from negativity (or indifference) to a grateful attitude, seemingly innocent encounters seem enchanting.

When we shift our attitude from cynical to grateful, miracles can happen. It’s as if we create a new space in our hearts for happiness, or illuminate joyful things that had been previously hidden in the dark.

Now think of this. What would happen if the majority of Americans cancelled their health insurance? The health insurance companies would go out of business. Healthcare would be forced to become more affordable, because they wouldn’t be able to mark up the cost of their services (case in point: when I did not have insurance, my annual ob/gyn visit cost me $93. When I had health insurance, the office billed $150 for my annual visit. The health insurance company passed $135 of that cost on to me. How nice of them.). The cost of service would go down because then their odds of receiving payment go up.

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