Recognizing the Parts of Sewing Machine

For a beginning seamstress, the sewing machine will be the intimidating thing. Buttons, knobs and also levers are on any surface of the contraptions, and a function of everyone will impact the finished project. The great way in getting over the fears and also make a friend out of the sewing machine is that to sit down and then become familiar with the parts. If you will take the class, it seems that the teacher will give you the worksheet in helping you to learn these parts.

For the first step is that you need to label a stitch length knob. It is normally located at the top right of your sewing machine and it is also generally marked with the numbers from the one to the five.

For the second step, you should label a stitch width the knob. It is generally located to the left of a stitch length knob and it is also normally marked with the series of the dashes that represent the different stitch widths.

For the next step, it is important for you to label a tension control knob. It is normally located on a front of your machine that is near a needle.

After that, label a thread take-up lever. This will be above and also slightly left of a needle. It will move the thread up and also down and it is also partially inside the machine.

You need also to label the reverse lever or even switch. It is commonly found on the front of your machine to the left of a needle, but it can sometimes to be located on the far left side of your machine.

For the last step, label the hand wheel. It is normally located at the top of the far left side of your machine. On the modern machines it may look more like the large knob, but on the old machines it is the metal wheel. Learn more about Custom Sewing In Minnesota on the page.