Positive Attitude: Do You Love Yourself?

Wikipedia has one the finest description of a New Year Resolution. “A New Year’s Resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous.” The New Year Resolution could also be to improve one of the neglected areas of your life that you now wish to bring to order. Such Changes or resolutions normally go into effect on New Year’s Day and remain until fulfilled or abandoned.

A: I love romantic comedy and light women’s fiction and I think my Bunco Babes series melds those two genres perfectly. Outside the Bunco Babes theme, I have an idea about a woman who runs her parent’s tacky Florida tourist shop (think stuffed alligator outside the front door). There are quirky characters and a hot hero. I’d really like to write that story!

There is goa escorts in the show as well. Tracy wins the heart of teen heartthrob and fellow dancer Link Larkin. Tracy’s best friend also has a love interest in the show, black dancer Seaweed J. Stubbs, who teaches Tracy dance moves that eventually land her a spot on the Corny Collins Show.

If your spouse were to return, what would be different? What would you do differently to make the relationship work? If s/he were to happen to return, and neither of you do anything different, you will remain stuck and unhappy.

The global financial crisis, millions of lost jobs, dwindling retirement benefits and runaway inflation are all adding to debts. Before one realizes debt hits you in a slowing economic conditions and reduction in jobs. But things are not very bleak if you take a grip on things with a good plan. This new year if you are in debt, you may resolve to re-organize your entire financial life. You may have to make many sacrifices but sooner you get your debts in control the better your future. Let the year 2009 be the year of becoming debt free or at the least getting them in control.

Many ladies are already thinking of marriage after a few dates. They are trying to display qualities of a good wife, in front of their potential husbands. A lady tends to forget about her desires in love, and simply go all out to capture the man, as she is afraid that the man may fall in love with another lady. Some even resorted to move in to stay with the man, just after a few dates.

A: I work part-time as a labor and delivery nurse. I really love that job too and it helps keep me grounded. Unlike a lot of authors, I’m an extrovert, so I crave being around people.

If you are single right at this moment, enjoy it! It won’t last. Love finds you and when it does, it happens quickly. Stop mourning your single status and get out and enjoy life, your friends, your individuality and your freedom. If you are constantly trying to find your future, you will be missing out on the precious moments life is offering you.

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