‘Justice League’ Spoilers: Roster For Movie Hinted At

Comic book collectors tend to have stacks of longboxes. These white, heave cardboard boxes can hold up to 500 comic books. In all of these boxes, most comics aren’t worth more after they’re sold, but older comics are an exception to that rule.

Woody Allen is at it again, this time with a romantic comedy about a family traveling to the French Capital for business. It comes out in September 9th and stars Rachel Mcadams, Marion Cotillard, Adrian Brody, Michael Sheen, and Kathy Bates.

Features this character. For my son, it was Spiderman. Thanks to friendly neighborhood spider, my son latched on to minion videos fairly early in his childhood.

LT: What was your reaction when the comic got labeled transgendered since it does not seem you set out to do that but perhaps more a Ranma 1/2 type deal?

Catwoman as at least one of the villains. This character may have been played in live-action before but never like the books actually portray her. Not to mention the wonders done by TDK’s ignoring past portrayals and getting it right for other characters. Plus, Selina Kyle fits the love interest role opened by TDK’s developments, and the films’ creative team already pulls heavily from The Long Halloween, which features her well. Additionally, she might be the person to pick up Bruce Wayne’s spirits a bit after the grim chapter of the second film.

It’s gotten easier in recent years. With so many digital transactions, that makes things a bit easier for collectors of music and movies. Heck, even books are going digital with e-book readers like the Kindle. Still, some prefer having a hard copy, even if they don’t have room for it all.

It’s no secret a movie was in the works. Joss Whedon had a script and if anyone could have done it, it was him. But sadly enough, Joel Silver is just too busy not making a Wonder Woman movie. Keep your fingers crossed. I hear there’s an animated Wonder Woman film do out sometime next year (February 2009). Till then, get your Wonder Woman love on and check out the cool merch at the WBshop.

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