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You have a hectic work schedule and a busy lifestyle? You have opted for yoga that helps you relax and are doing well with it or you are a yoga instructor and enjoy teaching this exercise to a group of students. Gentle Yoga is a sort of challenge to the ‘YOGAITES’. Challenge and yoga, two contradictory terms? Right? But yes Gentle yoga is a sort of challenge. Let me tell you what it is and why is it challenging.

The Caribbean was our next stop. It’s probably one of our favorite areas in Costa Rica. In addition to the laid-back vibe, lots of local artisans and clear Caribbean waters, you’re bound to see a sloth up close if you just stop and look around. To Miles’ surprise, a mama sloth with a baby visited us at Hotel Atlantida where we were staying for a night. What a treat! We are excited to be holding our next two Holistic holiday in Costa Rica at the Goddess Garden in Cahuita as our guests will get such an authentic flavor of Costa Rica on the Caribbean coast and no doubt see abundant wildlife.

After picking up a place the next decision to be made is for the stay – Resort or Retreat? It is entirely up to you to choose between casual classes held in resorts with plush amenities or month long, deep training sessions held in retreats. You will find it retreats in Goa to be amongst the best in the world, in terms of yoga teaching and lifestyle. They are open from October till May every year and mostly are located in North Goa . Not only do they provide good environment, great yoga experience and comfortable stay, they are economical too.

If you cannot visit United States then you can choose from amongst India, Bali, Nepal, Peru, or New Zealand- or common tourist destinations like Caribbean islands, Costa Rica, and Europe. Switzerland is the front runner if you are looking for a place in Europe as other than offering Yoga retreat, it also offers opportunity of mountaineering on Alps and see beautiful mountain rivers.

Hatha form of this exercise works on your nervous and glandular system. Ivengar works on the muscular -skeletal. Your instructor will help you understand what is apt for you.

Located in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, this resort is beautiful, luxurious and great for both a vacation and a work out. There is plenty to do such as hiking, walks, classes, Volley Ball, tennis, golf, dance and more. Enjoy facials, massages and other spa treatments. Eat great food, (they have an organic farm,) such as fresh seafood, vegetarian or delicious, diet specials.

Yoga Retreats for beginners to in-between students or any person wanting to travel around their inner self further. Yoga is not basically only a physical practice but also a journey inwards which has helped to improve your religious alertness. Person who runs yoga retreats and healing workshops to help people learn more about themselves: she believes that when we really recognize ourselves, that is our true self, then and only then can we can set up to be aware of others.

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