How To Keep Your Laptop Out Of Thieves’ Hands

One of the biggest selling points of the Asus Eee PC 1000HE 10-inch netbook is its amazing 9.5 hours of battery life. Although I have no complaints about this, the extended battery life does come at the price. The battery on this new model is heavier than previous models. It is so heavy that it causes an uneven distribution on weight throughout the netbook (may not be a big flaw but a flaw nonetheless).

Find ways to add creativity to your child’s prayer experience. Hold hands while you pray, or stand in a circle as a family. If you have an older child, encourage your child to keep a prayer journal. Select a simple Women’s Prayer Journal where he can write down a brief prayer each day. If you feel open and want to share with your child, ask each family member to record a prayer in the same journal, which will enable you to share the thoughts and hopes of one another.

Allowing your journal to become a prayer journal can help immensely in allowing God’s voice spoken to you to be heard and understood well. So often our lives are so busy, and our minds race so quickly, that we simply don’t have or take the time to listen for the ways God might be speaking to us.

Keeping tabs on the hurts, the joys, and the concerns you have during the day also helps strengthen your walk with God. He often uses these things to get our attention or to switch our minds in a new direction. Writing these down along with what caused them, allows us the ability to go back later and see what God is doing in relation to them.

As I pondered over my long list, I suddenly felt a sense of true freedom. It occurred to me that because I had put so many other burdensome things behind me, I could now clearly and freely focus on what God wants to do in and through me. I know one of the things that burdened me in the past and held me back was my unforgiving heart. Holding back on granting forgiveness can be a stumbling block to progress and most of the time we can’t see that reality. So much time is spent in bondage, being held captive by past mistakes, anger and regrets.

The note book graphics are another option which need to be taken into consideration. Generally, at least you should opt for 128MB of integrated memory for video. If you want to enjoy games on your note book you can opt for the 3D graphics unit.

Ask open-ended questions. You have them, so voice them as you journal. You wonder why God allows things to happen in your life. You wonder how the Trinity works. You wonder how you could possibly live forever with God. There are so many questions bouncing around in everyone’s mind that go unasked, and oftentimes we don’t even realize how important finding out those answers is until we finally voice the question. Let it come out, and then you can look for answers as God develops the knowledge within you.