How To Become A Yoga Teacher

It is a Hindu spiritual discipline which includes the relaxation of the mind and body. It is an age old practice which is being followed centuries back by the religious practitioners. In Sanskrit Yoga means ‘union’ i.e. the union of the mind and body. Yoga is the real way to experience the spirituality of the mind, body and spirit. In Yoga the mind, body and spirit are fused to be one. It helps you to maintain a distance between various day to day tensions, struggles, sickness, etc. It helps you to relax after a tiresome day.

This is a chance to get away from it all. You will not likely find a phone or television in your room, which allows you to even further relax at the end of the day. Cell phones are allowed, of course, but I find it lovely to unwind with a book at the end of the day, and then get a good night’s sleep. You get lots of rest on a yoga vacation as the days end early. I love having this opportunity to catch up on much needed sleep that I am usually deprived of.

You also need to guide them. In some countries yoga retreat guiding is also offered as a college degree. The knowledge required is a serious business.

Relax: When you get to surrender all the everyday stuff like commuting and work you will be able to focus on letting go and relaxing. A retreat schedule is all about yoga, relaxing and eating healthy delicious food. You get to let go for the time you are there. Your biggest worry might be if you can fit another nap in your day. You will be able to contemplate, go for walks, re calibrate yourself and recharge. Who does not need that?

One of the top destinations on most yogis’ lists is the tranquil island of Bali. The beautiful island of Bali is surrounded by coral reefs. The beaches in the north and western part of the island have black sand and the beaches in the south tend to have white sand. How cool is that! The island has lush landscape, healing hot springs, great food, and amazing people. Then there are the amazing Holistic holiday san teresa that take place all over the island, through out the year.

Hawaii – There’s a reason this is paradise to so many people. You can carp about the high prices and crowds in Honolulu, but you simply can’t take away the natural beauty, the incredible beaches and the spectacular seafood. If you’re crowd-averse, there’s always Kauai. You will work your camera into a frenzy no matter where you go. You can go as hard or as easy as you want – there’s definitely a Hawaii for everyone. And have you noticed how many of my places grow highly regarded coffee? Hmm …

And once I hit the dock, I began to teach yoga on the beaches of the British Virgin Islands. With the crew members of over 50 yachts on the initial ocean passage, there were plenty of sailors ready to stretch out there bodies and feel the power of yoga under the intense sun and cloudless blue sky of the Caribbean. What a journey! And yoga has been a full passport to the adventure in my life.

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