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You may have heard of stem cell research with all of the political controversy surrounding the issue, but you may not have heard of cord blood. Cord blood, as defined by the Core Blood Donor Foundation, is the blood that stays in the umbilical cord after birth. The blood is taken from the cord and placenta after the baby is born, so the procedure itself is completely harmless to the baby as well as to the mother.

The Core Blood Donor Foundation states that cord blood is an excellent source of stem cells. Cord blood stem cells can be used to treat leukemia and other cancers in the same way that bone marrow is used, with a much less chance of rejection. So what’s a stem cell? Stem cells are special in that they have the ability to develop into many different types of cells within the body. The National Institute of Health claims that they are a repair feature for the body.

Plus if they happen to see you, you can always try and outrun them, or hide. Hiding spots vary throughout the school. A vacant locker, or garbage can works well when trying to hide from the guards.

Our trading success paid for a month long holiday to the USA and a Caribbean cruise in November 2008. It was a fantastic trip and we’ll always remember the fun we had and the reason we were able to do it – we took ACTION.

You could get another top academic position. Your resume is stellar. You’ve done what was necessary steadily to move up the ladder: you’ve been dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (1980-86); vice president of academic affairs (1987-1990); you know, few better, the arcane ins and outs of the Quit 9 to 5 Academy Bonuses.

Check out “Ninja Camps”. There are now modern day ninja camps around the country that offer everything from 5 day to 30 day training programs. Many interested practitioners are taking their 2 week vacations and going to Ninja camps for a week or two to get trained in this great martial art.

For a wet and wild day of family fun visit the Wildrivers waterpark. The Safari River Expedition, Typhoon Lagoon, Sweitzer Falls and Pygmy Pond will keep you cooled off while have the time of your life! Anyone that loves the water will love this theme park!

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