Groom Wedding Speech – Top 5 Writing Tips

Best to go to the source, so I called one of the Philadelphia experts on this: Steve Meranus from EBE Events and Entertainment. He has volunteered to shepherd us through the huge amount of options available for music. I’m a huge fan of live music, so we’re starting there. Did you know that you hear live music in a different part of your brain than recorded music? And that it has all sorts of health benefits? But not to worry, we’re going to explore a lot of options in this ongoing series!

Another helpful website which is loaded with indie inspired wedding ideas is Poptastic Bride. If you want your wedding to be cool and unique, check out some of the indie wedding ideas found here.

The truth is simple. It is also quite prosaic. Marriage is going to be what you and your spouse make it. No better and no worse. Face up to an incontrovertible fact: You are most unlikely to be able to change your partner very much, if at all. The only person you can really change is yourself. However, when you do effect some changes in yourself, the entire equation is altered for the better and things begin to work out the way you would prefer. How do you change yourself? You do this by humbly accepting the blame, sometimes even when the entire fault is not yours, by apologizing in a true spirit of statesmanship when you should and by compromising now and then.

When we want to celebrate something what is the first thing that we all think of? A party is what we think of when we want to celebrate things. For centuries the party has been the symbol of happiness. This is so much the case that we create reasons to celebrate so that we can throw a party. Birthday parties and graduation parties are just the beginning. Just about everything that happens to us like wedding music and engagement has a party to go along with it. We will share with you some tips that will help you throw the best party of your life. After all if the guests are not telling their friends about your party the next day, it was a failure. A good one will live on in people’s minds and stories for years into the future.

Most “essential” in any wedding cake is the flavor. You can have the loveliest creation made but what’s the point of pretty without taste, it doesn’t’ make sense and neither does it make good eating. Traditionally wedding music cake filling is fruit. But if you prefer chocolate as your selected flavor then there’s no reason why you and your guests can’t have chocolate.

Have you ever been to a wedding where people asked who the dress was made by? Personally, I don’t even know who made my wedding dress. Do not pay for the name on the dress. An excellent way to find your perfect dress is to go in with a budget. For example, ask the sales representative to only bring you dresses under five hundred dollars. If you do not even see that three thousand dollar dress you won’t miss it!

The cake is also important but can be expensive and is often not eaten. Cakes are not as cookie cutter as they used to be and don’t even have to be cakes anymore! One way to get away with the look but not the cost of a tiered cake is to ice Styrofoam cake rounds to appear like the cake you want but serve a sheet cake. The cake decorator will charge a lot less to just ice the rounds than to make and ice an actual cake.

Keep in mind the precautions listed above. It will ensure that your wedding goes smoothly for you and your guests. After all, it is the most important day of your life and you don’t want to take any chances of something ruining your special day!

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