Food Concession Trailer – A Viable Business Opportunity?

A small, independent theater is about the love of films that are shown there. Your customers love movies and you love to show them movies. Why not let them enjoy their favorite classics and oldies in the most comfortable theater seating? It doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to create a great environment in your small, independent theater.

You would then take this value and make any adjustments you feel are necessary. Do you need to sell quickly? You might want to lower the price a little. Have time and want top dollar? Then maybe you want to leave the price right at market, or even a little higher.

Popcorn needs lots of nutrients so adding a good organic fertilizer like compost or manure to the soil will provide a continuous supply of food. Adding compost to the soil also lightens to soil and allows for better drainage.

The Fair opens at 9 every day, with the Wine Fest hours starting an hour later each day. Saturday hours for Wine Fest with be 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday hours will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

You need to figure out what is the best way to promote and advertise your new Kettle Corn business. This can be done through a number of ways. But for most local owned Kettle Corn Concession businesses, this is normally done through newspaper ads or even online notification services.

What makes a great theater? First off, the movies you show is what gets people to come to your theater. But the way to get them to come back is to create a great environment that is comfortable, fun and relaxing. Touches like comfortable theater seating, a great concession stand, great sound and theater lighting can all enhance the experience of your customers and turn them into return customers.

You can get your popcorn seeds from your local gardening store or by mail order. Do not use popcorn from microwave popcorn bags. They contain too many chemicals to make them practical to use.Plant seeds in rows eighteen inches wide and two feet apart. Dig furrows and place seeds two inches apart. Cover with two inches of soil. Seeds sprout in seven to ten days. When the plants are 6″ tall, thin to allow 12″ between each.

When we’re done, the children will pack their toys in the back of the double stroller, and I buckle them in for the last stretch. From the top of Church Street, it takes us about fifteen minutes to walk home. Often one or both children will fall asleep on the way. But either way, when we get there we share the satisfaction of an afternoon well spent.

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