E-Bike: The Green Way To Pedal

Remember the days of pedaling your bicycle as fast as you could to race your friends after school? If you still enjoy bike riding as an adult, you’ve no doubt discovered that you’re getting great exercise and probably still having some fun. Now, you can convert bikes of almost all kinds into electric cycles. Electric bike motor kits can take you to new levels of speed and ability.

As high gas prices have forced drivers to find alternatives, including public and shared transportation, electric scooters and electric bicycles are a viable alternative. A hybrid electric bicycle can replace a car for short solitary trips, and the EvoCycle is certainly affordable. Electric bicycles average $1200, and can run upwards of $3,500.00. The EvoCycle electric scooter has a suggested retail of $289.95.

My wife went out on a special occasion recently to a very ritzy yet popular restaurant chain. It was a Tuesday night and the restaurant was packed! People don’t cook at home anymore and eat out very frequently. My wife and I have learned how to cook real well at home. It is much cheaper but it is fun to do and much healthier for you.

It is very important that you clean the electric bike regularly or after using it. There will surely be dust or any dirt that can stick to it. But you must remember that it must be kept dry all the time. You may apply some grease or lubricant to keep it running smoothly. An electric bike must be kept in a place that is dry, clean and with the right temperature. Some parts of the bici elettrica are quite sensitive to extreme of temperature.

A pedal bicycle is, of course, even more eco-friendly. The motive force for a pedal cycle, though, emanates from the rider, who requires his or her own source of energy. This is the food he eats, and unless it is all home grown it will come from an already environmentally damaging food chain.

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Looking at some stats, a medium class household usually has a minimum of 2 cars. A high up well to do household has between 3 and five cars. Most of these houses also have one or more two wheelers, especially in countries where the Public transport systems are not well developed. And Even the public transport uses fuel. Well imagine the amount of fuel we are consuming and the pollution we are throwing into the air.

If the battery has run out of power you can pedal along but because of the additional weight you will go along a bit slower. But don’t worry about the weight of your e-bike but worry about your own weight instead. If you are a heavy person your own weight will be much more of a problem.

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