An Agile Project Manager Is Not A Scrum Master – Fact

Plan ahead. How can you realize your management training goals? Spend at least a couple of days planning for your training programs. You need to know ahead of time what information you are going to share and what activities you are doing to incorporate that can speed up the learning process for your students.

But honestly, in today’s economy, and gas being over $4/gallon, can I really afford to travel one hour each way to attend a 9:30am – 6:30pm “day of observance” with no compensation whatsoever?

The value of this time Leadership Training technique comes from the big picture. At the end of the week group your activities into big categories like: phone calls, appointments, projects, etc. Then total up how much time was spent in each category. Most people are shocked to learn how much of their time is literally wasted on unimportant things.

R – Reflect back or ‘paraphrase’ their main ideas, content, key words and ideas. You need not use the exact same phrase or sentences; rather just serve back the message that you got their main points. The beauty of this is that it immediately gives an opportunity to clear up any miscommunication right at the beginning of the conversation, as opposed to getting halfway through only then to realize you weren’t following the whole picture, and you have to start again from the top.

Another one of these expenses is buying a house. Everybody needs a place to live and sleep, otherwise it would be very hard to stay alive. Buying a house is very expensive, and almost nobody can pay the full amount up front. Because of this, most people have to borrow from the bank, which causes debt.

For the sake of my kids education I’d recommend you book my good self for a little more training, but with that score, I’m probably already in your diary.

You are very welcome to stay exactly where you are; knowing what you know and doing everything exactly as you’re doing it right now – but if you do, your value in the workplace will fall quicker than a typewriter salesman’s bonus the year Microsoft launched WORD.

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